Pilates Testimonials

Some Comments From Our Pilates Students:


“I have attended the Pilates at Sheffield Physio for Fitness Ltd for the last 2 courses and have enjoyed it so much I am now enrolling for the next session. I suffer with fibromyalgia and arthritis and this course has helped me tremendously. I would advise anyone with any of these conditions to join up. The class atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly due to our excellent instructor Sarah.

I look forward to Monday evenings even if I sometimes feel a little fatigued but the benefits are well worth it. By enrolling for 8 weeks at a time keeps me motivated to carry on.”

Sue Fisher


“Dear Bill

I really look forward to coming to my pilates class and feel that, at last, I have found a form of exercise which is both extremely effective but also very enjoyable.

Many thanks to Sarah, our instructor, for making it such fun.




“I love the Pilates class – great teacher, and a small friendly group of people.  I arrive full of aches and pains, and leave an hour later feeling fantastic.”

 Jane Ralston


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