Pilates Courses at Sheffield Physio for Fitness Limited

Here at Physio for Fitness Limited our Pilates courses are still going strong – and getting even more popular. In fact, because of the increasing demand, we are developing a new course of Pilates classes on Wednesday mornings, due for launch in October 2012.

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Sometimes we wonder if they are really working those core muscles in the pilates class or just having fun, because there is so much laughter coming from the class!

Well, someone who is excellent at combining hard work and fun at Sheffield Physio for Fitness Ltd is our talented new pilates teacher, Sarah-Lou Rixon.  She has a wonderful way of communicating to our experienced pilates members  while making our frequent newcomers to the class feel welcome.

Exercises are tailored to suit the different levels in our group class so everyone feel like they are getting their own personal pilates trainer.

Sue Fisher, a member of the class, says, ” The class atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly due to our excellent instructor Sarah.”

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Why do Pilates?

There are many good reasons to come and join us at Sheffield Physio for Fitness Ltd Pilates classes.

  • The expertise of a great teacher
  • Fitness and Fun in this great welcoming atmosphere.
  • Small group classes therefore very good supervision ratio.

Our Pilates classes are ongoing despite being run in eight week blocks. If you need to take a break then this is a good point to decide on that. Feel free to rejoin us at any point


Lets hear from Sarah-Lou Rixon, our Pilates teacher at Sheffield Physio For Fitness Ltd:

“I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years, and I’m still enjoying the journey.

I love many areas of fitness, and I’m passionate about Pilates.  Pilates is one of the most popular exercise systems in the country.  This method of exercise  works well for a wide range of people; athletes and dancers are great devotees as are many seniors, women rebounding from pregnancy and people at varying stages of rehabilitation.”

 Clients report that they are stronger, leaner and more able to do everyday tasks with ease and grace. 

 We have a lovely Pilates group of people at Sheffield  Physio for Fitness Ltd who will make you feel very welcome.”

Our Pilates classes will provide a safe environment for you to re-educate your posture and continue to strengthen, improve and elongate your body for a healthier and brighter you. They are suitable for all adults are ideal for those recovering from an injury or going through post-natal recovery.

So come along and find a stronger, healthier way of being.


Pilates Classes

Our 8-week Pilates courses take place on Mondays, 7.30-8.30pm in the Studio Room of Physio For Fitness Limited.

Courses must be booked in advance – please call us for details of the next available course.



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